PhADR™ patent pending is an iOS application designed to help Actors conveniently record and replace their dialog, commonly known as ADR. Sometimes it is impractical to record on a professional ADR Stage. Our goal is to help the Actor record ADR with pitch or performance in mind and check for matching like in a studio. The post team emails QuickTime videos to the Actor, who with PhADR, records and sends ADR Takes back via email. The latest version of PhADR allows for spotting of ADR beeps and text from within the App.

We recommend Actors use an external microphone on their iPhone, like the Rode VideoMic Me-L. The built-in iPhone microphone is also good. Record in a quiet room with minimum reverberation. Only the Actor must have the PhADR application installed on their iPhone. The post team emails the Actor the QuickTime video and the Actor emails back their ADR.wav files.

PhADR is Free on the App Store and includes video Preview and ADR Playback. The Trial allows for 5 recordings. Unlimited recording is $19.99 per year.

System Requirements: iPhone 7 or higher

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